You Didn't Know You Made Your Lover Sad

The first release from the Cloudism project, 'You didn't know you made your lover sad'.

Cloudism is our final live show which was performed over the film noir classic 'Stranger on the Third Floor' and recorded completely live which will be getting a full length release in 2017.

Good Omens

Hey!! Its been a while. Here's everything that happened:

Eoghan cycled his bike into the ground and had to take a few months off playing music because his arm wasn't working.

We are returning to playing live on the 29th April in Letterkenny at the Distorted Perspectives Art and Music festival. We'll be supporting BC Camplight and Jeffrey Lewis.

We are also returning to Citog in Galway on the 8th of June, more details TBC.

We are going to be playing what we've been referring to as the CLOUDISM set, which is a lot of material we worked on during the Dreams album launch. It's exciting. And we have a nice logo to go with it.

As always, there will be guest musicians, brazen jamming and maladroit between song anecdotes.


Captain A & The Commercial Monsters.